News, Updates, and Resources for coronavirus response.

March 22, 2020

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I’m collaborating with city and county officials to craft a local response to Coronavirus. Due to the rapidly changing nature, please refer to the Hudson website for updates.

Federal Stimulus Support

Coronavirus is causing major changes to our economy—especially for Hudson’s economy where the largest sectors include healthcare, government services, and tourism. We need economic development programs to adjust to the changing situation as well as significant funding and support from New York State and the Federal Government. As we support our economy, let’s create an economy with equity, supporting those who need it most.

I’m part of the Local Progress coalition calling for progressive improvements to the stimulus program that includes:

  1. Rescue Small Business
  2. Include All Families Regardless of Immigration Status In Tax Rebate Or Direct Distribution
  3. Fix And Expand Unemployment Insurance
  4. Reduce Student Debt
  5. Enable Cities & States To Respond And Fill Gaps
  6. Decarcerate And Ensure Safe Prisons
  7. Fix Dangerous Exclusions From Paid Sick & Family Leave
  8. Economic Stabilization Funding To Corporations Must Contain Accountability
  9. Fix Urgent Healthcare Issues
  10. Ensure The Continuity Of 2020 Elections And Protect The Right To Vote

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