Supervisor Michael Chameides

Hudson-3, Columbia County Board of Supervisors

Michael Chameides

I represent Hudson’s 3rd Ward at the Columbia County Board of Supervisors. Together we will improve programs, services, and resources that ensure a diverse and vibrant community.


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Full List of Initiatives


I serve on five Board of Supervisors Committees.

  • Economic Development
    Planning, Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board, Industrial Development Agency, Capital Resource Corporation, Commerce Park, Soil & Water Conservation District, Cornell Cooperate Extension, and Workforce Development Board
  • County Government
    County Clerk, Board of Supervisors Clerk, County Attorney, Board of Elections, Human Resources, Weights and Measures, Management Information Systems, Real Property Tax, Historian, Planning, Tourism, Civil Service, Veterans Services, and Fair Housing
  • Public Transportation
    County buses and shuttles
  • Education
    Columbia Greene Community College
  • Occupancy Charge Review
    Short-term rentals

Board Calendar
Board Minutes

Long-term Priorities

  • Improve the lives of all our residents through economic development, increased access to housing, and workforce development
  • Use the power and resources of the County government to benefit Hudson and 3rd Ward residents
  • Inform the public about County government policy and facilitate public participation