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Planning Board Appointment Leads to a Rare Floor Debate - Even More Rare - A Close Vote

April 13, 2018

This nominee has been absent or late a third of the time over the last year. That gives me pause.

Michael Chameides
April 11, 2018 statement against resolution 149

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who offers their time for public service and commits to serve on our planning board. When this resolution came up in committee, there was very little lead time to do research. In committee, I was told this appointment is time sensitive because the Planning Board was having trouble getting a quorum. I voted in favor, because I understand that the planning board is integral to the proper functioning of business and of development. However, upon further research I found that the nominee has been absent or late one third of the meetings over the past year—according to the official minutes. I don’t feel confident that this appointment is the proper solution to our quorum problem. I vote no.

The resolution passed by one vote. Watch the debate.