Higher Education's Inbound Marketing Survey

Notes on SEO, Analytics, and Content

February 22, 2016

Notes from a presentation by Jay Kelly & Ann Oleson, Converge Consulting

SEO gap

  • 38% of survey respondents don’t know which staff member is responsible for technical SEO.
  • Recommend performing keyword research quarterly with tools like SEM Rush, Google Keyword Planner, or Moz

Limitations to Keyword Gaming

  • Over 70% of traffic earned comes from long tail keywords, keywords that have not been optimized for
  • There are limitations to SEO keyword gaming. 15% of searches are brand new, never seen before searches.
  • Google is returning searches that have different (but related) words from the actual search. Search “new rocky movie” and discover Creed or “tiger on a boat” and find Life of Pi.

Compelling Ads and Lead Gen

  • Trend: Increase use of video ads
  • LinkedIn lead accelerator: campaigns with ads that change according to lifecycle
  • Consider retargeting with specific content for open house visitors or specific programs
  • Segmentation based on Persona, ex. MBA program with separate creative and separate landing pages for Military and Executives
  • Content Calendar - one of the most important things; American University uses Trello.
  • Use SEO/Content Dashboard to evaluate content marketing and include: Organic Visits
    Top non branded keywords
    Organic non brand visits
    Source of organic visits


If set up attribution in Google Analytics, can assess touch point. And analyze the last thing (or other significant things)

Action Items

  • Set up attribution in GA (now)
  • Segment ads based on Persona (check in with ads team)
  • Retargeting ads based on area of website visit (check in with ads team)
  • Develop Content Calendar (facilitate with department - later)
    Keyword Research: Quarterly
    Use Content Dashboard to evaluate

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