Design Inspired Observations

Book cover

Doppelganger - a Trip into the Mirror World

5 Takeaways from Naomi Klein’s Book

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Black - The History of a Color

5 Takeaways from Pastoureau’s Book

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Book Review - Drunkard’s Walk

5 Takeaways on How Randomness Rules Our Lives

Park with Michael

Promenade Hill Park Improvements

Promenade Hill Park Improvements

The Left Behind by Robert Wuthnow

Rural Support for Abortion Care

Reading “The Left Behind - Decline and Rage in Rural America” during the Kansas vote to protect abortion rights

Mondale in front of Enfield water tower

Mondale Robinson's Election in Enfield, NC

Progressive Messaging in Rural Communities

Voters at registration table

Racial Justice in Rural Communities

6 Case Studies from the RDI Network

5 Accessibility Tips Before Launching a Website

Lessons from an Accessibility Audit of

Directory Screenshot

Building Staff Directory

Stucturing and Designing Contact Information

CEC Site Thumb

Center For Early College

Notes on a Brand Variation

Side by Side Choices

Reduce the Clutter

I ran three tests that found that removing content so that the form was higher up on the page increased conversions.

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Brand Building with Photography

Reflections on Believing is Seeing

Incentive Form

Give Incentives for Data Collection

Encourage users to provide an address with a follow up form

Form excerpt

Adding Fields Reduces Conversions

The Price of Data Collection

Content Governance

Learn how to create a website content governance policy. Consider how to leverage the expertise of the stakeholders towards the strategic aims of the website. Create content categories, user types, and workflows.

Website with field notations

Designing for CMS

Include Content Management in Your Agile Framework

Website with optional alert message

Designing for Content

Create a Website that Addresses and Leverages Real Content Needs

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Story Telling & Data Driven Decisions

Expert on Science-Based Drug Policy Calls for Decriminalization of Drugs

Movie still

Scene study of Nebraska

Off camera dialogue as a narrative device

1491 Book Cover

1491 Review

History of Americas Provides Allegory for Designers to Think Outside our Perspective

One CSS, Multiple Sites

Use Sass to branch a single code base into distinct style sheets

Users Will Scroll

80% of attention is focused on the content that doesn’t require scrolling. But, don't ignore that other 20% and don't muddy your message by cramming things at the top of the page.

Web Sample

Mobile First

Notes on designing

Pi Day logo

Evolution of a Logo

My creative process for designing the R-Pi Day Logo

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