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Notes on customizing OUCampus LDP Forms

February 22, 2016

Notes from a presentation by Adam Griffith, Montana State University

Customize the LDP Forms

The big takeaway is that you can dig in and really customize the LDP functionality and author experience. I currently have half of my forms outside of LDP because they require alternative functionality. But seeing this presentation gives me pause that maybe I should combine them.

Use Advanced Fields to Trigger XSL

You can’t change the actual Form XML. But you can add advanced fields and then set up a trigger in the XSL.

  • Custom Form Group - author adds 1 field and then a group of fields are outputted.
  • Add legend and fieldset
  • New field types


  • Break code into modular bits
  • New field types get their file
  • Use modes as namespace
  • Customize the author experience


Some good tips on improving accessibility with Aria, for=””, and HTML structure

See the presentation

The presentation had a bunch of code examples so this is definitely one I’ll need to revisit prior to developing.

Action Item - Revisit in March

Consider customizing LDP forms after the launch of 10.4.

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