Monday Morning Conference Notes

My key takeaways

February 22, 2016

Presentations by Jason Taylor and Lance Merker, OmniUpdate

Key takeaways

  1. “1,000,000 foreign nationals in US as students”
  2. Tim Berners Lee envisioned a semantic web where content can be repurposed based on filters and context. OmniUpdate introducing Tag Manager Gadget to tag content in order to search, sort, and serve dynamically. Release date in March.
  3. OU Campus Modules are sold separately. OU Alerts enables users to update web alerts via a phone app. OU Insights integrates basic SEO, Accessibility, and spelling tools. OU Campus for Mobile offers a mobile app to use the CMS.
  4. Bookmarks Gadget enables users to save favorite pages, reports, etc. Release date in March.
  5. Make your own gadgets. Utilize the metadata API, WYSIWYG API, and Source Editor API to inject content from/to sidebar.

My Action

  1. Revisit Gadgets in March
  2. Research API (Someday)

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