Showcase Your Alumni and Faculty with Incredible Profiles and Directories

Notes on a holistic approach to profiles

February 22, 2016

Notes from a presentation by Joshua Palmeri, Stony Brook University

1 Database, 1 .pcf, 2 Outputs

A .pcf file pulls in database content whenever published. It publishes to two different pages. One is a media facing page showcasing experts and the other is the more comprehensive faculty bio. The two pages display slightly different content. Data is pulled in based on a NetID MultiEdit field.

Trump database content with MultiEdit

Use custom content instead of the database content by filling in a MultiEdit. Or leave the field blank to use database content.

Customize author experience preview window with JS.

Authors can toggle between the two different pages. And there are also direct links to the two live URLs.

Action Items

  1. Consider combining our Profiles and Bios in a single .pcf file with multiple outputs. (March or April)
  2. Consider improving author experience by adding JS (towards the bottom of the Governance and AX to-do list)

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