Users Will Scroll

If content is enticing

April 15, 2014

The most important content is above the fold.

80% of attention is focused on the content that doesn’t require scrolling. But, don't ignore that other 20% and don't muddy your message by cramming things above the fold.

The most effective call to action is below the fold

A call to action placed at the end of relevant content is more effective than an ad the top of the page, according to UX expert Jared Spool. When someone completes an article, they are engaged and looking for more and this is a “seducible moment.” (An Event Apart - Boston 2014)

Make Content Scannable

People do scroll. And when they scroll, they scan. Consider Facebook and Twitter which have infinite scrolling of easily digestible tidbits. Break up your text by using whitespace, headers, images, and graphics. Testing bulk emails, I have found that emails with modular content have more clicks if they are longer (have more modules).

Scanability is More Important Than Length

People stop engaging when content is difficult to digest. Don’t confuse length with clarity. Sometimes making something longer makes it easier to read.

This Starbucks email uses scrolling as a storytelling technique.