County Government Should Invite Public Feedback

Share proposed resolutions to the public, allow feedback

March 15, 2019

Prior to meetings, Columbia County Board of Supervisors should share the proposed resolutions to the public. Before a vote, the public should have an opportunity to comment.

Should the public have access to proposed resolutions prior to Columbia County Board of Supervisor committee meetings? Currently, the public does not have access. Should we change that?

Posted by Michael Chameides on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Lack of Transparency

The Board of Supervisors does not share draft resolutions with the public until they have been approved by all governing committees. This policy hinders public participation. Resolutions are discussed and adjusted in committee. The meetings are public and the public can comment, but what good is that if the public can’t see the specific resolutions ahead of time?

Once passed through committees, the resolution isn’t publicly posted until a few days before the full board meeting, which could be weeks after the committee vote. At the full board meeting, the public doesn’t have an opportunity to speak prior to the vote. There is very little discussion of resolutions and dozens of resolutions are voted on in less than a minute.

Increase Transparency, Improve Government

Posting resolutions prior to the committee meetings would be a simple administrative task and provide a significant public benefit.

Posting resolutions would:

  • Create the opportunity for additional feedback—more feedback is better government. We should make it easier for the public to engage with the government.
  • Increase transparency and trust—show the public what is being discussed and how decisions are made.


After discussions at the January 2019 County Government Committee meeting, more information about the resolutions has been posted on the County Website. However, the full resolutions and background information are still not shared with the public until after committees have approved.

Are you concerned about government transparency? Let me know.