Articles and Notes on Issues

Election Day 2021

Vote Michael Chameides for Columbia County Supervisor (Hudson-3)

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Vote Yes on Prop 3 and 4

Support the right to safely and freely cast our ballots

Vote Yes on Prop 2

Vote for Clean Air and Water

Map of alternate route

Reevaluate the Truck Route

Changing the New York State truck routes would improve the health and safety, economy, and quality of life of Columbia County residents.

Group gathers at city hall

Supporting Immigrants in Our Community

Our neighbors and friends need basic rights, protections, and opportunity

Housing Rights and Resources

Learn about resources to help you stay in your home.

Covid Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine

A guide to obtaining the vaccine for Columbia County residents.

We Keep Each Other Safe

Policing, Safety, and Justice

Reform policing and fund programs

Covid Vaccine

Body Cameras

Columbia County needs good policy to ensure effective use of body cameras and to build public trust.

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City Receives $1 Million Grant to Prevent Displacement of Residents

I helped write the grants and serve on the task force.

South Bay

Support Parks and Parkland

Securing grants and shaping policy to improve our community

Moving Forward on Affordable Housing

Improve our city and better serve our residents

Norlite plant

Ban Burning PFAS Foam

Supporting New York State to Protect Our Health

Columbia County Launches New Housing Support Programs

I worked on a $253,000 grant to expand housing services and support. During this difficult time, we need to keep people housed. These new programs benefit our residents, our economy, and our public health.

Stand Up for Effective Drug Policy

Attempting to eradicate marijuana is the wrong use of resources. We should be focusing on evidence-based solutions - successful pathways to recovery and harm reduction.

Hudson Waterfront Park

Environmental Policy

We are facing environmental catastrophe. We need to take bold action while creating better infrastructure for all.

Support for Safe and Fair Voting

I helped secure grant funding to support 2020 elections

Hands raised

Census 2020

I secured grant funding and advocated for a complete count.

Covid Test Kit

Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus testing and outreach should focus on the most vulnerable and the most at-risk populations.

crosswalk at Oakdale

New Funding for Hudson Crosswalks

I facilitated a grant to create and maintain crosswalks

Michael with bike rack

New Bicycle Equipment

I facilitated a grant for new equipment for public use.

Screen shot from training showing intersection

Complete Streets

I organized a training for the City of Hudson to develop safe streets for all modes of transportation

Get Involved with the Board of Supervisors

Resources to track, research, and contact the Board of Supervisors

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News, Updates, and Resources for coronavirus response.

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Improve Transportation Services

Expand services, optimize the riding experience, and increase awareness

Improvements Needed Before New Camp Regulations

Proposed local vaccination law needs more work

Donate Your Tote Bags

Donate Tote Bags

Getting Ready for Plastic Bag Ban

Hudson's Riverfront Park

Columbia County Supports a Clean Hudson River

PCB levels are dangerously high and GE should be held accountable


Columbia County shouldn't spend $27,980 on a Public Health Department App

Focus on Strategic Priorities for Better Communication

Summer jobs for college students

Columbia County is hiring college students who will be home for the summer

redacted document

County Government Should Invite Public Feedback

Share the proposed resolutions to the public. Before a committee vote, the public should have an opportunity to comment.

Grants for Business Expansion and New Jobs

Columbia County advocates for state funds to support Hudson Valley Creamery, GTel, and Drumlin expansion

Call for Higher Standards

Improve Government Functions and Transparency


Short-term rentals tax

Can a County tax help fund affordable housing initiatives?

Better Appointments

Columbia County is appointing people without interviewing candidates and appointing people without reviewing track record.

Rendering of streetscape with people

Downtown Revitalization Initiative

Make sure the $10 million benefits the people who live here

Reviewing Sparkler and Firework Policy

Should sparklers and fireworks be prohibited in Columbia County?

Street view of property

Housing the Homeless

Better services to homeless people

Columbia-Greene Community College logo

Financial Struggles for Columbia-Greene Community College

Learn about the CGCC financial struggles and how you can support better funding

Advocate for More Effective Mental Health Services

What if Columbia County had a mental health court?