$2,000,000 Airport Improvements

Should the County spend $100,000 on a $2,000,000 airport improvement?

June 10, 2018

Two expenditures have been approved by the Airport Subcommittee and will be coming before the full board for a June 13 vote.

The County Airport Subcommittee is seeking to make runway and lighting improvements, including rehabbing the 20-year-old runway, replacing the existing runway edge lighting, replacing the existing airside aeronautical guidance signage, and replacing the Runway 3 end PAPI system. These improvements are described as an important safety issue.

Passero Associates completed grant-funded design plans in April 2018. Bids for construction have been submitted. A. Colarusso & Son, Inc., was the winning bidder at $1,783,951.

In addition, the County Airport Subcommittee is recommending Passero Associates perform required construction support and full-time inspection services in the maximum amount of $179,160.

FAA grant funds would cover 90% of both of these costs. In addition, NYS is likely to reimburse 5% of the cost, bringing down the County costs after reimbursement to $98,155.55.

Read the committee minutes

June 13 update: While I voted against a previous resolution to expand the airport. I voted in favor of this resolution. The improvements will increase safety and are heavily subsidized by FAA grants.