Grants for Business Expansion and New Jobs

Columbia County advocates for state funds to support Hudson Valley Creamery, GTel, and Drumlin expansion

March 13, 2019

Funds are available for local business expansion and Columbia County is working to direct these funds to Hudson Valley Creamery (HVC) GTel, and Drumlin Fields. The Federal Government has allocated block grants for the states to administer. The Office of Community Renewal (OCR) runs NY State’s program.

Grant Requirements and Logistics

The grant reimburses business purchases that result in new jobs. The grant reimburses about 30 percent of the business’s capital and equipment costs for expansion. Fifty-one percent of the new jobs have to be available to lower or moderate income employees, and therefore are targeted to workers without higher-level skill, degree, or training.

Companies need a government municipality to sponsor the application and Columbia County can serve as a sponsor at no cost to the county. The County would submit a pre-application to OCR. If approved, then OCR invites a full application. A public hearing would be held to review the grant application. Then the full application could be submitted. If the money is granted, Columbia County would hire a consultant to manage the grant process. The money to hire the consultant would come from the grant. As the business spends money, the business would submit documentation to be reimbursed from the grant funds. Documentation would include evidence of local recruitment of workers.

Hudson Valley Creamery Application

Hudson Valley Creamery (HVC) is planning a $4.4 million expansion project in the Town of Livingston. HVC is seeking $375,000 to improve its wastewater facilities. It is anticipated that the project will result in the expansion of the plant and introduction of a new line of fresh goat milk products, and ultimately increase jobs.

Further details of the grant were discussed at the April 11, 2018 public hearing.


GTel is working to expand fiber broadband in five towns in Columbia County. The Germantown-based company is seeking $210,000 to purchase equipment that will result in hiring 12 - 15 new technicians. The Economic Development Committee has approved moving forward on GTel creating a pre-application.

Drumlin Fields

Drumlin Field Ventures is creating a distillery in Claverack. The company seeks to create a brandy distillery and tasting room near the intersection of State Route 23 and County Route 27. The company’s plan is to invest more than $6 million in property, construction, equipment, and design costs. The project would generate 20-25 jobs. Columbia County is asking for a New York State Community Development Block Grant of up to $500,000.

Further details of the grant were discussed at the March 13, 2019 public hearing.

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