Adding Fields Reduces Conversions

The Price of Data Collection

March 16, 2016

After testing and establishing that adding required fields may reduce form conversions, I tested making contact fields optional. And found that these additional fields, even if optional, reduce conversions. In the previous post, I reviewed my approach to simple forms and measuring results. In this post, I’ll skip to the results.


Form with contact check boxes
Form with with contact check boxes
Modified (Contact Options)

Results & Analysis

The Modified Form resulted in a significant decrease in conversions. This result reinforces the general idea to keep forms simple. I’ve also done tests and found that removing navigation and breadcrumbs increased conversions. Forms are a good example of the “less is more” adage.

In addition the added fields may be particularly unappealing to the user in this case. The form is on the landing page for a white paper incentive, available for download after the form is completed. Reminding users that they will be contacted may be more than a distraction, it may act as a disincentive and further reduce conversions.

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