News, Updates, and Resources for coronavirus response.

April 27, 2020

I’m collaborating with city and county officials to craft a local response to Coronavirus. Due to the rapidly changing nature, please refer to the Hudson website for updates.


Testing Plan

Our testing and outreach should focus on the most vulnerable and the most at-risk populations.


Federal Stimulus Support

Coronavirus is causing major changes to our economy—especially for Hudson’s economy where the largest sectors include healthcare, government services, and tourism. We need economic development programs to adjust to the changing situation as well as significant funding and support from New York State and the Federal Government. As we support our economy, let’s create an economy with equity, supporting those who need it most.

I’m part of the Local Progress coalition calling for progressive improvements to the stimulus program that includes:

  1. Rescue Small Business
  2. Include All Families Regardless of Immigration Status In Tax Rebate Or Direct Distribution
  3. Fix And Expand Unemployment Insurance
  4. Reduce Student Debt
  5. Enable Cities & States To Respond And Fill Gaps (See Delgado, Gillibrand, Schumer Proposal)
  6. Decarcerate And Ensure Safe Prisons
  7. Fix Dangerous Exclusions From Paid Sick & Family Leave
  8. Economic Stabilization Funding To Corporations Must Contain Accountability
  9. Fix Urgent Healthcare Issues
  10. Ensure The Continuity Of 2020 Elections And Protect The Right To Vote
  11. Support our Child Care System
  12. Increase SNAP and WIC

State Alternative to Budget Cuts

During this crisis, our state budget must support essential programs.

  1. Support public schools, healthcare, housing, higher education, transportation, social services, and local governments

  2. Borrow at near-zero interest rates from the Federal Reserve Bank’s new Municipal Liquidity Facility and offer equivalent loans to local governments

  3. Tax billionaires

Local Financial Support

Columbia County-funded Columbia Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) managed the Columbia County Business Continuity Fund, which is distributing nearly $190,000 in cash grants to Columbia County businesses. It also manages the Rapid Recovery Loan Program which offers low-interest loans of up to $15,000 to qualified applicants. In addition, CEDC is consulting with businesses on grant and loan applications for other opportunities.


The housing crisis has worsened under coronavirus. I support extending the eviction moratorium. In addition, I support

  • S8140 which would provide rental assistance vouchers for a defined period to those tenants who exhibit significant financial hardship due to the outbreak of COVID-19
  • S7628A which would create a new class of rental assistance vouchers for those experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of homelessness

To see more of my work on housing see anti-displacement grant and affordable housing.

Additional Outreach

In addition to contributing to the City of Hudson website, I’ve participated in several outreach efforts including:

  • Creating a twice-weekly resource newsletter distributed the youth center food program, Rolling Grocer 19, and large apartment complexes.
  • Distributing masks and hand sanitizer
  • Connecting with local service providers and officials to create best practices on communications and resource distribution
  • Posting frequent content to social media
  • Phone calls to constituents. If you haven’t gotten a call, you can call me.

Have questions, concerns, or suggestions? Contact me.