COVID-19 Vaccine

A guide to obtaining the vaccine for Columbia County residents.

April 11, 2021

See Columbia County Department of Health for the latest, official vaccination policies and procedures. The details on this page could be out of date between publish time and the time you are reading this.

Get the Vaccine

If you are eligible for the vaccine, use these resources to obtain a vaccine.

  1. View the latest information at the Columbia County Department of Health

    Get official information and instructions. You can also call the Columbia County Department of Health Vaccination Information Line at 518-697-5560.

  2. Check for availability across New York State

    Use the Am I Eligible site to view and register for locations across New York State

  3. Check Local Pharmacies

    Pharmacies are distributing vaccines to people 16 and over
  4. Get Columbia County Alerts
    • Sign up/sign in
    • Go to my subscriptions.
    • Under Columbia County, select COVID-19 vaccine information
    • Save
  5. Columbia County Department of Health appointments

    The vaccines are administered based on guidelines designated by New York State directive, including residents 18+. New appointments are typically posted on between 4 and 6 p.m. You can also call the Columbia County Department of Health Vaccination Information Line at 518-697-5560.

  6. Call the New York State Vaccine Hotline

    Call for eligibility and location options: 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829).

  7. Check Eligibility
  8. Waiting List for Seniors
    For those eligible for a vaccine and don’t have access to the internet (no access to internet and no one to check for them), sign up with the Columbia County Department of Health for a waiting list. Call 518-697-5560.

  9. Waiting List for Homebound Residents
    Columbia County is collecting names and contact information for homebound residents for at-home vaccinations. Call the Columbia County Department of Health at 518-697-5560 or sign up on my form.

  10. Hudson Pop-Up
    On April 24, there is a vaccine station for people of color and other vulnerable communities who live in Hudson. To sign up, contact me or the Columbia County Department of Health Vaccination Information Line at 518-697-5560. This pop-up follows a previous March 6 pop up.

40% First Dose

I appreciate your patience as the vaccine distribution is underway. People are getting vaccinated and vaccinations will continue to be produced and delivered. As of April 11, 40.6% of Columbia County residents have received the first dose of the vaccination, and 36.9% of New York State residents.

More Vaccinations

As the federal government delivers more vaccines to New York State, New York State will deliver more vaccines to Columbia County. As soon as Columbia County gets a commitment for the next shipment of vaccines, more local vaccination clinics will be scheduled.

Additional Data

New York State should provide county-level data on a weekly basis and include:

  1. A list of approved vaccine providers and their weekly vaccine allocations, including allocations being designated to state-operated sites.
  2. A list of all enrolled vaccine providers, including those that have pre-booked vaccine and those who are not yet pre-booking vaccine supply in the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS).
  3. Data indicating how many residents have been vaccinated by zip code, including numbers of those partially (1 dose) and fully (2 doses or completed series) vaccinated.
  4. Data indicating how many residents have been vaccinated at each vaccine provider site partially and fully.
  5. Demographic data for those who have been vaccinated, including but not limited to their race/ethnicity, age, sex, and employment.
  6. Data on the variant strains found in each county so that we can adapt our reopening plans and understand how vaccines protect against each respective strain.



See Columbia County Public Transportation for transportation information, including medical and senior dial-a-ride services.

Columbia County Office of the Aging

Seniors needing support can contact the Office of the Aging.

Additional Support

Do you still need help? Contact me.


Use the following resources to get the latest information.

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