bird in flowers


Event invitations with seasonal flora and fauna

Database GUI

User Experience Design

I assessed client needs and business models in order to construct Landscape, a relational database with a GUI that tracks constituent and campaign data, runs scripts, outputs reports, and communicates with organizational website.


Sight Unseen

A documentary where teenage boys originally from Bangladesh struggle with the mayor of a small town for the right to play soccer at a public park.

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closeup on flowers


Photos at close range

eli with leaf

Logos & Branded Text



Photos of buildings and structures

red peppers

Tri-fold Brochures

I like tri-fold brochures that have a graphic continuity across the first and second flip. Here are two brochures I designed. I wrote the text on the Farmer Landowner Match Brochure .

person cut out

Young, Jewish, and Left

A celebration of diversity, Young Jewish and Left weaves queer culture, Jewish Arab history, secular Yiddishkeit, anti-racist analysis, and religious/spiritual traditions into a multi-layered tapestry of Leftist politics. I co-produced, co-directed, and edited the documentary. I also managed the website production.

bench and gazebo

Nature & Landscapes

Mostly photos in the Hudson Valley.

website still

Web Design

In 2009, I designed and developed the Time & Space Limited website and managed the content until 2010. The site syncs two-ways with an offline database. It also has a similary themed Wordpress blog.

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people with mirrors


Photos of people