Reduce the Clutter

Less is More Conversions

March 8, 2017

I’ve previously written that reducing the number of fields increases conversions. I’ve also found that reducing the content of a page with a form is likely to increase conversions as well.

Simplifying the Content Increased Conversions

Designing the information so that it is quick and easy to digest may increase conversions. In this case, I distilled two paragraphs into a table and conversions increased.

2 options in scrolling columns
Original Version with paragraphs
2 option in side by side columns
Side by side comparions increased conversions.

Moving Form ‘Above the Fold’

While people do scroll, sifting through information creates a barrier to get to a conversion form. I ran three tests that found that removing content so that the form was higher up on the page increased conversions.

Form with breadcrumb links at top of page
Breadcrumb links above the form
Form without breadcrumb links
Version without breadcrumbs increased conversions

Remove Enticement Paragraph Increased Conversions

Form description above form
Descriptive paragraph above the form
Form without description
Version without paragraph increased conversions

Push Content to Side Column Increased Conversions

Form with contact check boxes
Descriptive paragraph above the form
Form with with descriptive paragraph to the side
Moving the paragraph to the side increased conversions

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