Climate Smart Task Force

Secured technical support for sustainability planning

April 2, 2020

Climate change will have devastating impacts and we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, we must prepare for a changing climate by identifying and deploying adaptation strategies. It’s an added benefit that many of these climate strategies will save money over the long-term. The Covid-19 crisis shows us the importance of following science and the need for planning and preventative action.

Building off my work with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene Counties (CCE) to fund bicycle equipment and crosswalks, we collaborated with the city of Hudson to create a Climate Smart Task Force.

The task force will begin by conducting an assessment, identifying what the City has been or is doing and what actions are priorities to take next. The final step in the process will be to submit the documentation and request certification as a Climate Smart Community (CSC).

CCE will provide technical expertise and administrative support for the task force. This project is a program of CCE in partnership with the NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program, NY Water Resources Institute, and Cornell University with support from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund.

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