Support Parks and Parkland

Securing grants and shaping policy to improve our community

December 21, 2020

Greenspace plays an important role in providing a healthy environment. It also serves as a place for people to recharge and get inspired by the beauty and importance of nature.

Funding Parks

I’ve supported using the DRI grant to improve our public spaces and helped secure a grant for the City of Hudson to fund the creation of a tree inventory and tree management plan. I also supported funding for the Corkscrew Rail Trail. I also facilitated a grant for a bike fix-it station at Oakdale Park.

Hudson River

Much of our parkland and greenspace is adjacent to the Hudson River. I have called for access to the Hudson River, increasing EPA Funding for a clean river, and demanding the EPA do a better job enforcing existing laws for a clean river.

Access to Parks

When kids playing soccer were kicked out of the waterfront park, I led an effort to ensure fair use of parks. I also secured a grant for crosswalks to Oakdale, making it easier for pedestrians to get there.

Promenade Hill Park

I served on the project team for the design and bidding phase of the Promenade Hill Park improvements.

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