Generate Grant Revenue to Improve Programs

Better opportunities and services for residents

March 2, 2023

I’ve led and supported several initiatives to generate revenue. These grant programs create better opportunities and services for residents. Highlights include:

$1 million anti-displacement grant and funds for emergency housing support

$100,000 in local assistance funds to reduce property taxes

Federal funding for public transportation and local philanthropic support for expanded hours for public transportation

Funding youth services and food programs

$30,000 for census outreach, which led to more people being counted, which in turn led to more funding

Grant for technical assistance for climate projects, a tree inventory and tree management plan, and a bike fix-it station and crosswalks at Oakdale Park

Safe and fair voting

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, I advocated for what became the Columbia County Business Continuity Fund as well as for state and federal recovery funds.

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